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  • May4th

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    You may  not know what it is, but you’ll love it when you see it.  This is my latest passion:

  • July13th


    Here you go, here are the first few blocks.

    There are no Y seams, and with a little matching, you get a stunning quilt. Large size will be approximately 84″ x 96″ without borders. Most of the fabrics are from the Evening Mist line.

    I have made (am making) the sample in all soft taupes to chocolate.
    I strongly encourage you to make this fabulous stash buster quilt from your stash.
    You don’t have to purchase all your fabric for a class from the shop where the class is being held. I think there are a fair number of quilters who have a huge stash already and would like to use it before buying more. All the quilt designs I have played with this year have been with the intention of diminishing my stash.

    We have it so lets use it!

    Happy stitching!


  • July5th

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    I recently took a fabulous class from Pam Holland on her “Leggy Alphabet”  If you should ever get a chance to take a class from this amazing  artist … take it!  No matter what the class is.

    In visiting Pam’s class on portraits, I spotted Pam’s letter “A” for Attitude and immediately thought of my granddaughter Ashlynn; you know how six year olds are all attitude … except with their Nana!

    It was a great class with many laughs.  Pam has a great video and tons of insirational quilts, sketches, and photos.

    Pam also informs her students many times against copyright issues.

    One of the most impressive aspects about Pams class is that all the students’ work ends up looking great.

    This class really perked up my own creativity!

    When I got home I pulled out my sketch book again and started a D for my daughter Danielle.

    Pam’s D was for door as Pam is making her alphabet to go with a story book.

    Danielle said she did not want a door so I am making her a stylized D, which started another long line of sketches on a paisley alphabet.

    Let’s see where this takes us!

    In other news, I have most of the Evening Mist quilt blocks done so I will add pictures of the fabrics and a few blocks shortly, which means as soon as I figure out how to do it. ; )

    Happy stitching!