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About the Studio

Subtle Creations was Vikki’s business from the mid-70s. At that time she was a custom seamstress specializing in bridal work. She closed down Subtle Creations in the early 80s so she could devote more time to her two daughters.

Vikki then began working for a local store as their seamstress, however this work was not as satisfying as her own business.

She decided to branch out. She began to learn custom quilting. And with this renewed lust for sewing and art she began designing custom quilts. Vikki learned her magnificent skill through experimentation. She was willing to try anything with her fabric – if she liked what she designed on paper, she attempted it in fabric. Often, she found that certain things weren’t made to work from paper to fabric, however, she persevered and created a whole new form of quilting.

With this new knowledge and these new skills, Vikki decided to reopen Subtle Creations – this time as a quilting business. Vikki had found her niche, and though she is an experienced machine quilter she continues to perfect her skills. She has also begun to branch out into various small quilted pieces of art.

Vikki has always loved to work with her hands. From bucking rivets as a young woman – to sewing fine pearls on a pristine wedding gown. Her hands have always been her creative outlet. Vikki, ever since she was young, has worked with her hands, slowly training them to do what her mind’s eye had created.

Vikki is not only an experienced quilter, she is also an experienced designer, pattern maker, teacher, pencil artist, draftsperson, seamstress, mother, crafter, embellisher, sculptor, fabric dyer, fibre artist, improvisor, learner, and above all she is most experienced at being no one else but herself.

Vikki believes in trying things for the sake of trying them. She believes that anything can be done, if one’s mind is put to it. She believes that there are no boundaries, no limits to what she can accomplish.

She is an artist.

Though not an artist in the traditionally accepted sense, she makes beautiful things, full of life and vibrancy, simply by dreaming them up and daring to create them.

And, she offers her wonderfully unique and specialized talents to you.

“Together we create tomorrow’s heirlooms.”