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This weekend we’re having the Fun and Done Workshop, for those of you attending, here’s your materials list and some photos of the finished product created by some previous class attendees.

Fabric Supplies


Borders: 2.5 meters
Body: 4 or 5 meter cuts
Back: 3.0 meters
Batting, if wanted: 1.5 meters, light, non-fluffy (Hobbs Polly down)

Advanced Lap (not for beginners)

Borders: 2.5 meters
Body: 5.0 to 7.0 meter cuts.
Batting: 1.5 meters (bamboo batting in sample)


Borders: 2.5 meters
Body: five 1-meter cuts

Baby (flannel front and back)

Borders: 1 1/3 meters
Body: minimum 3 meter cuts.

Lap all Flannel Clipped No Batting

Borders: 2.5 meters
Back and Body: 4 or 5 meter cuts.

General Supplies

Basic Sewing kit including rotary cutter with new blade.
Sewing machine in good working order (only straight stitch needed).
Large cutting mat if you have a 45″ wide, if not don’t bring any.
Decorative thread, variegated to match fabric works well.


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